Club Wairua Ltd is a social enterprise based in the King Country.
We are seeking a business partnership with an established Tiny House manufacturer/provider (or similar) seeking to display their products within the King Country (Central North Island) region.
You may have only one product or a full range including Houses on Wheels, Skids, Container conversions, Mobiles and more.
Finance to the public would be an advantage.
Critical to your operation will be a desire to 'help others'. Profit comes secondary for all Club Members, something not always truly understood by those of us with human frailties.
Financial: Key money $90k - fully refundable up to a year's notice.
Club membership: $1.00 per year and $1.00 to join.
On going as it suits us both.
Minimum commitment is one permitted display home/unit on site (Club Rules). Maximum for the entire site = ten. (Council Regs)